OPPO India & SS Rajamouli creative collaboration boosts smartphone content creation and visual imaging

OPPO India held the OPPO Ambassador Conclave in Mumbai recently to showcase the Find X7 Ultra and announce the Imagine IF Photography Awards contest. The initiative, with renowned director and screenwriter SS Rajamouli as its Indian ambassador, aims to inspire creativity in mobile photography and content creation. Oppo launched the Imagine IF Photography Awards globally in 2023, and this marks its inaugural year in India. The first edition of the awards saw over 700,000 entries from 51 countries.

Broadcast & Film had an interaction with the renowned SS Rajamouli, Director & Screenwriter, OPPO Ambassador and the focus of the interaction was tuned to Imagine IF Photography Awards, its significance in fostering creativity and SS Rajamouli's perspective on this project, and his collaboration with OPPO.


Please tell us about your involvement in the Imagine IF Photography Awards and your views on its impact.

Rajamouli - As OPPO's Imagine IF India Photography Awards Ambassador, I am excited to be part of this initiative, it celebrates mobile photography's innovation and imagination, setting a new creative standard. Beyond just a role, this is a commitment to inspire India's creative talent.

As an artist, I believe in exploring new possibilities and pushing creative boundaries. The Imagine IF Awards perfectly align with this, offering a platform for photographers to showcase their unique visions and inspire others.

How has your background in filmmaking influenced your perspective on visual storytelling through photography?

Rajamouli - Coming from filmmaking, I see photography as capturing a single, decisive moment. It's about composing a frame that tells a story, evokes emotion, and leaves a lasting impression. Much like a scene in a movie, a photograph needs strong composition, lighting, and a powerful subject as well.


Please share your insights on the intersection of technology and creativity in photography. How have the advancements in technology empowered content creators and filmmakers?

Advanced features like high-resolution cameras, wide dynamic range, and editing suites right in your pocket allow anyone to bring their vision to life. It's about capturing the essence of a scene, the emotion in a face – and with these advancements, you can achieve that cinematic quality even on the go.


What is your assessment of the Imagine IF Photography Awards and its significance in fostering creativity?

Rajamouli - The OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards is a platform that democratises storytelling through the lens of a smartphone. This year's Indian edition is particularly exciting. We have a treasure trove of talent in this country. With the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards, we hope to inspire more smartphone users in the country to unleash their imagination to create unforgettable masterpieces.

The competition, open to all Indian citizens over 18 years, features nine entry categories—Landscape, Portrait, Colours, Unfading Moment, Fashion, Snapshot, Light, Travel, and Collection—and will be judged by a panel of expert photographers.


Do you see a phase in the future where an entire mainstream feature film can be shot using a smartphone?

Rajamouli - As technology continues to evolve, smartphones offer increasingly sophisticated camera capabilities, making them viable tools for filmmaking.
However, while the technical capabilities of smartphones are impressive, filmmaking is also about artistry, vision, and storytelling. It's not just about the equipment; it's about how you use it. A smartphone may be a convenient and cost-effective tool, but it's important to remember that the success of a film ultimately depends on the creativity and skill of the filmmakers.


How do you view your collaboration with OPPO India?

Rajamouli - Collaborating with OPPO India has been a fantastic experience. Their commitment to innovation in smartphone camera technology has significantly enhanced ability to capture stunning visuals.