Low-Cost Solution Ensures Compliance With Today's Complex Audio Level Standards

Triveni Digital today launched its StreamScope® RM-40 CALM, an affordable DTV loudness monitor that remotely monitors, measures, records, and analyzes DTV streams in real time to ensure their compliance with the U.S. government's Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act. Ideal for broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, mobile TV, and IPTV operators, StreamScope RM-40 CALM enables users to more rapidly troubleshoot audio loudness issues and deliver a higher quality of service to viewers.

"Failure to comply with the CALM Act can lead to prohibitive fines and a loss of viewers for broadcasters and service providers," said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and head of marketing at Triveni Digital. "StreamScope RM-40 CALM makes it extremely easy and cost-effective for station engineers to reliably monitor and analyze their DTV transport streams, resulting in fewer audio loudness issues and increased customer satisfaction."

The compact, 1-RU device measures multiple transport streams and services at any TV station, cable headend or network node location. Through an intuitive user interface, station engineers can review loudness levels and dialnorm for all audio streams, as well as set loudness thresholds to trigger alerts, review audio graphs and video thumbnails, and generate custom reports which can be stored for up to six months. StreamScope RM-40 CALM delivers a daily report that accurately identifies possible CALM violations for all services on a given transport — including IP, ASI, 8VSB, and QAM. Potential CALM violations are displayed with thumbnails and timestamps to verify whether commercial content was present during the time of the potential violation.

The DTV loudness monitor features an extensive alarming functionality that sends customizable traps, SMS, emails, and reports to station engineers so they can quickly address the issue at hand. Potential errors are flagged and logged so engineers can perform postmortem analyses as well as resolve chronic or network-wide issues. 

RM-40 CALM is available as a standalone single-slot or double-slot unit, the RM-40 Ultra CALM. RM-40 CALM simultaneously measures 12 HD MPEG-2 audio programs, with RF, ASI, and nrt-GigE options available, while the RM-40 Ultra CALM version offers simultaneous measurement of up to 50 HD MPEG-2 audio programs with single or quad ASI and nrt-GigE options. 

StreamScope RM-40 CALM customers can easily upgrade to the full-featured StreamScope RM-40, the industry's most comprehensive quality assurance solution for MPEG video. This real-time transport stream monitor enables users to quickly identify and isolate video quality issues in any video network. StreamScope RM-40 also maintains compliance with all industry standards, as well as any business requirements of the service provider, to ensure the quality and continuity of television services. 

RM-40 CALM software is available as a free upgrade for existing Triveni Digital StreamScope RM-40 customers on current service plans. The upgrade does not require any additional hardware, making it a cost-saving solution for any broadcaster or service provider. 

Triveni Digital will demonstrate the new StreamScope RM-40 CALM for the first time at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2012, being held Oct. 17-19 in Orlando, Fla. More information about the StreamScope RM-40 CALM system and other Triveni Digital products is available at

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